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The challenge.

With a lifelong passion for powerful machines for a variety of applications such as high-rise buildings, road construction and recycling, Van Der Spek wanted a powerful all-round partner who could help them with the design, as well as the production of all kinds of items such as lettering, printed matter, beach flags, the creation of a new website, the maintenance of their social media channels… Well, they found their partner!

What did we do?

Graphic design

We not only made the design for lettering and digital carriers, but also for invitations, gadgets, templates… And that’s just a small sample of what we do for Van Der Spek!

Advertising / Printing / Occasional printing / Illustrations / Signage / Facade advertising / Building decoration / Lettering / Car wrapping / Digital design / UX-Design / Content design / Photography / Videography / Trade show booths / Gadgets / …


We are their partner for the production of all kinds of printed matter, small and large format, such as invitations, gadgets… And that’s not all: we also take care of the design, production and application of their truck letterings! The lettering on their truck earned us a nomination in the ‘Non Printed Signange’ category of the FESPA AWARDS 2023! Yeah!

Printing / Occasional printing / Large format printing / Signage / Illuminated advertising / Facade advertising / Building decoration / Lettering / Car wrapping / Stickers / Trade show booth / …


What about their digital carriers? Yes, we help them out with that too! We transformed their website from A to Z, ranging from a new web design and SEO copywriting to the actual development of the website! And it didn’t stop there: they also entrusted us with the maintenance of their social media channels, where we use the same visual style as used on the website! A new corporate video and new corporate photos were also on our to-do!

Copywriting / Social media maintenance / SEO / Wireframing / Website development / Website optimization / Website maintenance / Domain name / Web hosting / Email signature

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