Fespa Awards 2023.

At the annual FESPA Awards, print companies and signmakers from all over the world are rewarded for their talent and creativity. Thus, candidates in 18 categories can compete for awards within their category. In 2023, three of our realisations were nominated in the categories ‘Wrapping’, ‘Non Printed Signage’ and ‘Printeriors’.


Shortlisted in the category: Printeriors

In the ‘Printeriors’ category, we were nominated with our international assignments for Caplugs, a global leader in product protection with more than 70 years of experience in a wide range of industries and clients around the world. So we travelled to Oss in the Netherlands and San Marino in Italy to decorate the Caplugs affiliates, all within a tight deadline. We used as many different materials and foils as possible. The biggest challenge, however, was getting everything on site on time during the pandemic. A challenge we did not shy away from, of course!

caplugs printerior detail


Shortlisted in the category: Wrapping

In the ‘Wrapping’ category, we were nominated with a full carwrap for De Frietwagon, a home-delivery chip shop in Halle. Fry by fry, we transformed the Renault Twingo into a real pimped-out, chromed-out fries mobile!


Shortlisted in the category: Non printed signage

With the lettering for Van Der Spek, we managed to get nominated in the ‘Non Printed Signage’ category. During this project, we not only showed that we have an eye for detail and precision work, but that you sometimes also need a lot – and we mean a lot – of patience. However, the result was all worth it!