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The challenge.

Feel like having a glass of gin? Yes, please! With its love for Italy, Erbe Gin came to us to bring its story to life. A story that made us thirsty!

What did we do?

Graphic design

The story began with the design of a logo that had to look stylish and had to be combinable with floral drawings. To change things up, we complemented the logo with illustrations of the botanicals used in the gin. In addition, we took on the design of the gin bottle of the first gin ‘Lime & Sage’. And we wanted it to be something different! So we gave the bottle a dégradé that represented the delicate Mediterranean colours. The blue-green colour therefore refers to the Sicilian coast/air while the gold reflects the sun/Italian beaches. A taste of Sicily in a bottle, quoi! The design of the bottle even won a golden medal at the annual ‘The Design & Packaging Masters 2023’, awarded by The Spirits Business Magazine. Furthermore, Erbe Gin also took home the golden medal at ‘The Gin Masters 2023’! Let’s cheers to that!

Logo / Branding / Corporate identity / Printing / Catalogue / Illustrations


The story of Erbe Gin also got a life offline, in stylish business cards and bottle labels. A brochure with a brief explanation of the eyecatching bottle and the botanicals used was also part of that! The perfect way to blow customers away!



Awesome logo and fancy bottle? Check! Afterwards, it was time to get to work on the design and development of a ‘coming soon’ web page and subsequently the web design and code of the actual website (incl. e-shop), all in the same visual style. Indeed, the website takes you straight to Italy! Cheers!

Website development / UX-UI design

Erbe Gin