logo tabasco

The challenge.

Tabasco, the world-famous pepper sauce, wanted to launch an international print & online campaign to highlight their Original Red Pepper sauce! A spicy project that we obviously couldn’t say ‘no’ to!

What did we do?


We started by defining a strategy and then came up with a hot concept to add some extra spice to their Original Red Pepper sauce on a global level! The result? A series of visually powerful ads that came in hot!

Strategy / Brand strategy / Advertising campaigns / Creative copywriting / Stunts / …

For our annual summer campaign, we asked Castaar to come up with a creative concept that we then could roll out internationally in already established (online & offline) media such as posters, magazines & social media ads. After a brief strategic exercise, the concept “It’s getting hot in here” was born, in which they simply delivered visually strong work without a CTA or anything else. We loved it! Thx Castaar!