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The challenge.

The municipality of Herne was in need of a full rebranding! And that meant… Time to get to work! With their new corporate identity and logo, Herne wanted to stand out from the other municipalities. Mission accomplished!

What did we do?

Graphic design

Modern, timeless, clean and colourful. The new logo deserves to be seen. Besides a general main logo, we also designed 3 derivatives that would be used to indicate the 3 advice platforms: Environment, Leisure and Wellbeing.

The logo itself consists of 3 parts: a green landscape, a cube and a sun, complemented with the name Herne and the slogan “Effenaf!”. Why “Effenaf!”? It’s a word often used colloquially as in “Het is hier effenaf schoon en effenaf plezant!”. And that they are “effenaf” proud of their municipality, that we already knew. Something we also managed to convince the city council of!

The new corporate identity was launched via an animated video and of course had to be played out in new stationary as well, such as envelopes, business cards, letterheads, greeting cards, presentation folders and vouchers for retailers. And it didn’t stop there: e-mail signatures, beach flags, street signs, templates for job vacancies, flyers, posters, info sheets and gadgets such as a coffee bag and hat were also at the top of our to-do list!

Logo / Rebranding / Corporate identity / Advertising / Printing / Catalogue / Lettering / Presentation / Motion design / Digital design / Gadgets / Textile


Naturally, the new corporate identity also had to be translated into their entire fleet of vehicles and machinery, all kinds of printed matter, flags and personalised textile. Have you already seen it?

Lettering / Beach flags / Textile


An update of their social media channels was the next thing on our list! So we helped them out with the online launch of their new corporate identity and informed the press! And what about e-mail signatures incorporating the new logo? Yes, we also took care of that!

Content creation / E-mail signature

text herne

Gemeente Herne