haacs logo
haacs logo old

The challenge.

Haacs came straight to the point: they needed our help to launch a platform where people could quickly and easily order doors and other custom-made products that were all handmade in Belgium. Good thing they knocked on our door, right?

What did we do?


First thing on our to-do? Finding an appropriate name! Haacs comes from ‘haaks’, meaning ‘perpendicular to each other’ in English. Pretty relevant when it comes to doors, lol.

Name development / Brand launch

Graphic design

New name means new logo! So we went on to the design of a new logo where the ‘hook’ stands for a right angle, precision and craftsmanship. Together with the area above it, the hook forms a human being, which in turn refers to Haacs’ customers and craftsmen. The right-hand side of the letter ‘H’ refers to their services (cabinets, doors…). The result? A logo where the letter ‘H’ becomes a powerful symbol that visualises what Haacs stands for: a harmonious line play with people at the centre.

Besides a logo, we were also asked to design business cards, folders, e-mail signatures, textile, various gadgets such as tape, ballpoint pens and folding meters, and their new website and web shop.

Logo / Branding /House style / Printing / Gadgets / Textiles / Digital design / UX-Design


We also produced the business cards, leaflets and gadgets such as tape, ballpoint pens and folding meters. Fancy, isn’t it!

Printing / Gadgets


The biggest challenge for Haacs (and for us, lol)? Elaborating and developing a website and… a webshop completely tailored to Haacs and its customers! Where previously all orders were done by e-mail and by phone, they now are done via the webshop where you can get doors fully customised for both individuals and B2B customers!

SEO / SEA / Wireframing / Website ontwikkeling / Website optimalisatie / Webshop ontwikkeling / Domeinnaam / Webhosting / UX-UI ontwerp

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