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The challenge.

The impressive showroom of Lotus Brussels in Zellik was in need of some attractive window lettering! Something we could take care of as a long-time partner of Volvo Sterckx – De Smet! And that is not the only thing we were able to help them with: personalised textile, printed matter, stickers, flags and totems were also on the list!

What did we do?

Graphic design

They definitely see it big! For the Lotus Brussels showroom in Zellik, we were asked to provide gigantic window stickers in sandblast film, taking up the entire surface of the windows. A ‘wave’ pattern was chosen. That way the showroom immediately catches the eye! And that was certainly not all we did: we also designed a lot of printed matter such as business cards, the totem, the illuminated advertising, the facade banners and the complete showroom decoration!

Printing / Signage / Building decoration / Textile / …


Besides producing and applying window stickers in sandblast film, we also produced business cards, number plates, banner flags, floor stickers, door lettering, stickers and textile! We’re ready for more!

Printing / Promotional material / Advertising sign / Totem / Window lettering / Stickers / Flags / Textile / …


We also helped Lotus Brussels digitally! We sent out a mailing and launched Google Ads to generate leads in the context of the launch of the Lotus Emira and to highlight the entire Lotus range!

Google advertising / E-mail marketing

Castaar has been our trusted partner for years. Professional, yet informal & fun. A group of Castaars who all deliver quality, who are always standby and who provide excellent service. What’s not to like?! They know our company, our brands and our values like no other, so the result never disappoints.

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