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The challenge.

Datasec is a professional when it comes to comfort and security. They offer solutions tailored to each customer, ranging from home automation and security to sustainable charging solutions! They came to us because they wanted to take their business to the next level. Full rebranding? Check!

What did we do?

Graphic Design

We began with the design of a new logo, that needed to reflect their core business. Our starting point was a ‘house’, where various alarm systems were illustrated with dots and interconnected by bright green lines. These green lines are the common thread throughout their entire new brand identity, which we translated into all kinds of other carriers such as business cards, web design, lettering…

Rebranding / Brand Identity / Brand identity guide / Printing / Facade signing / Lettering / Motion design / Digital design / UX-Design / Content design / Textile / …


A full rebranding? That means a total makeover! The new brand identity was therefore embedded in all communication, ranging from personalised textile and banners to site signage and business cards. And of course, those new, bright green lines had to be seen in the street scene as well so we also took care of the lettering of their entire car fleet! Have you spotted them on the road?

Printing / Advertising sign / Window lettering / Lettering / Stickers / Banners / Textile / …


Their digital business card, a.k.a. their website, also got a complete update! You’ll recognise the brand identity in the smallest details, including the colours and the web design. For instance, the bright green can be found everywhere – even in the e-mail signature! And what about the copy? It has our name written all over it!

Website development / Domain name / Web hosting / UX-UI design / E-mail signature / …

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Normally putting your eggs in one basket is not done in business. And yet this is what we did with Castaar. From Christophe’s ‘straightforward’, ‘no bullshit’ approach during that first meeting to the excellent work by the whole Castaar team! Top design, smooth communication and meeting the deadlines. They deserve all the credit! Vehicle letterings, our website, business cards, workwear, they took care of everything. And they did it so well! We still get compliments about it to this day. Thanks for the hard work Castaars!