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The challenge.

Intradura is a ‘contracting association’ responsible for the waste management of 19 municipalities in the western part of the province of Flemish Brabant. Together, we already realised several wonderful projects. Where do we begin?!

What did we do?

Graphic design

For Intradura, we took care of the design of many carriers, ranging from annual reports and stickers to flyers and infographics. We also developed fluo badges for kids, refusal stickers used on garbage bags, pictograms for bins, stickers used on glass bottles and flyers against illegal dumping. And at the end of the year, a Christmas card is also a must of course!

Key Visual / Printing / Occasional printing / Illustrations / Infographic / Presentation / Textiles / Gadgets / …


Besides the design, we were also responsible for the production (and installation) of all kinds of materials such as magnetic signs, signs for container parks, stickers on glass globes and printed matter such as quiz cards and flyers.

Printing / Occasional printing / Large format printing / Signage / Signage / Stickers / Banner / Textiles / …

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